The Workshop will train participants from national statistical offices on quality assurance and its implementation throughout the national statistical system and support the development of additional guidelines on quality assurance. The Workshop will provide an overview of the contents of the Manual and the UN National Quality Assurance Framework, review and discuss the implementation of quality assurance in participating countries and discuss quality assurance in the case when new and administrative data sources are being used. The sharing of experiences will also support the development of further implementation guidance.

For details regarding the workshop, please contact NQAF Expert Group Secretariat (UNSD).

Meeting Report

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Tuesday, 6 December 2022
    Session 2: National Quality Assurance Frameworks in practice
  • Session 2.1: Country case studies - national quality assurance frameworks ( Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia)
  • Session 2.2: Self-assessment exercise (group exercise and discussion)
Wednesday, 7 December 2022
Thursday, 8 December 2022
Friday, 9 December 2022