Handbook on Management and Organization of National Statistical Systems

The Handbook on Management and Organization of Statistical Systems is an update to the third edition of the Handbook of Statistical Organization. The primary objective of the Handbook is to guide chief statisticians and senior managers of statistical organizations in developing and maintaining statistical capacity that is fit for purpose. It will contribute to enhancing the capacity of developing countries to strengthen the legal, institutional and organizational environments in which statistical authorities operate and promote the integrated and consistent planning of statistical production and development to address increased data needs across multiple statistical domains.

The updated edition of the Handbook is designed as a "living document", which will be published primarily through an appropriate interactive internet platform that can be maintained in a sustainable manner. However, the overview chapter (chapter II) will be available in print format in all UN official languages. To make this edition as applicable as possible to countries worldwide, its drafting process has been supported by a series of Regional Thematic Conferences that are being organized to further understand and prioritize the emerging needs of statistical organizations to adapt and develop.

The Handbook provides descriptive information to guide and inform statistical organizations on important issues and topics, including new and emerging ones. It considers that each country's situation is unique, and the usefulness of the guidance, therefore, depends on local circumstances. Countries are therefore invited to share their best practices and success stories to inform the next edition of the Handbook by getting in touch with us at: statistics-handbook@un.org

On 5 January, a first version of the Handbook (Beta v1) without the introductory chapter (Chapter 1) was made available, followed by the Beta v2 on 10 February with all 16 chapters as well as streamlined chapters 4 and 5. On 18 February, a slightly edited version of the Handbook submitted to the 52nd session of the UNSC (Beta v2.1) was made available. The latest version (Beta v2.2) is now available on the Handbook Wiki where comments and suggestions can be made directly.