About the Business Statistics Programme

Business statistics provide information on the structure, economic activity and dynamic performance of businesses. With the increasing globalization and digitalization of our economies, users are demanding broader measures of business characteristics and economic performance linking the economy to society and to the environment.

The Business Statistics Programme of the United Nations Statistics Division adopts a broad and integrated approach to business statistics in order to meet these new challenges and respond to policy and users needs with regard to business dynamics, demography and entrepreneurship statistics, globalization, digitalization, well-being and sustainability, and the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. An integrated approach to business and trade statistics means that their compilation is, to the largest extent possible, integrated and harmonized with economic, socio-demographic, environment and multi-domain statistics. The Business Statistics Programme covers the development of methodological guidance and best practices, the development of global databases, capacity building in business statistics and coordination with relevant stakeholders.

Business Statistics Methodology

The United Nations Statistics Division develops standards and methods, approved by the Statistical Commission, in collaboration with countries and international organizations as well as with the United Nations Committee of Experts on Business and Trade Statistics, to assist national statistical authorities and other producers of statistics in the collection, compilation and dissemination of data on business statistics.

Business statistics collaborations

UNSD works with the UN Regional Commissions, international organizations and relevant experts groups in the area of business statistics. UNSD also serves as a secretariat of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Business and Trade Statistics (UNCEBTS) and is an active member of the Wiesbaden Group on Statistical Business Registers.

Capacity Development

Under the guidance of UNCEBTS, UNSD works with regional and national partners in delivering a series of capacity development projects in various forms, including webinars, workshops, etc. These projects are designed to promote the development of statistical business registers (SBRs), to introduce the output of the UNCEBTS to all countries, and to provide a platform for sharing best country practices in using SBRs to produce timely business statistics.