The development of effective Statistical Business Registers (SBRs) is crucial for modern economic analytics and governance. However, the lack of a unique business identifier in many countries poses a significant challenge, hindering the full utilization of administrative data and the ability to link various data sources efficiently. Recognizing this gap, the UN Guidelines on Statistical Business Registers recommend adopting and promoting the use of unique identifiers for businesses.

Endorsed at the 54th session of the United Nations Statistical Commission in March 2023, the Global Initiative on Unique Identifiers for Businesses focuses on strengthening the connection between business registration and statistical business registers, thereby enhancing the availability and utility of business data globally. It encourages countries and relevant organizations to work together to establish a robust infrastructure for statistical business registers. By improving the transparency of business activities and ensuring the availability of unique business identifiers, the initiative facilitates better access to and sharing administrative data, which is crucial for understanding globalization and enhancing statistical capabilities.

Overall, the Global Initiative on Unique Identifiers for Businesses aims to transform the global landscape of business registration and data utilization, promoting better governance and informed economic policies through enhanced statistical capacities.

Current members of the global initiative include Statistics Netherlands, Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF), United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), and United Nations Statistics Division.

Key reports and documents to the UN Statistical Commission