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Launch of the Global SDG Data Platform

23 September 2021 - The new Global SDG Indicators Data Platform has been launched. Check out the new interface to the Global SDG Indicators Database, the SDG Country Profiles, the new SDG Analytics and the Advanced Access options. more .

The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2021

6 July 2021 - The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2021 reviews progress of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, using the latest available data and estimates to track global progress of the 17 Goals with in-depth analysis of selected indicators for each Goal. The report highlights the devastating impacts of COVID-19 on the SDGs and points out areas that require urgent and coordinated action. The report is prepared by UN DESA in collaboration with more than 50 international and regional organizations. Follow the launch live on 6 July at 12:30 pm EDT via webtv.un.org. here .

How Covid-19 is changing the world: a statistical perspective - Volume III

30 March 2021 - Volume III of the report published by the Committee of Coordination of Statistical Activities (CCSA) provides an updated snapshot of some of the latest information available on how COVID-19 is affecting different aspects of public and private life. The report is available here .

52nd session of the United Nations Statistical Commission

The 52nd session of the United Nations Statistical Commission will be held in a scaled down virtual format on 1 to 3 and 5 March 2021. Additional information can be found here.

52nd session of the UN Statistical Commission Side events

A series of more than 50 open side-events and meetings related to the 52nd Session of the United Nations Statistical Commission is taking place between 20 January and 11 March 2021. Visit the side events calendar to find out how to register.

Household Surveys under COVID-19

The Task Force on COVID-19 and Household Surveys of the Inter-Secretariat Working Group on Household Surveys has released new guidance on what to consider when planning to implement a face-to-face survey, partially or fully, during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

Survey of National Statistical Offices (NSOs) during COVID-19

16 December 2020, The World Bank and the United Nations Statistical Division, in coordination with the five UN Regional Commissions, have launched the results of the third round of a global online survey on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on national statistical offices and their response to it. Read more.

Meetings and events


--Online event--    30 September - 1 October 2021
8th Global Forum on Gender Statistics

--Online event--    3 - 6 October 2021
3rd UN World Data Forum


--Online event--    31 August - 2 September 2021
International Conference on Official Statistics - The Role of Data and Statistics in understanding and mitigating risk: What we have learned from crisis situations, including the global pandemic

--Online event--    23,24 and 27 August 2021
Eleventh session of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management

--Online event--    23 - 24 June & 7 - 8 July 2021
Fourth Meeting of the UN Committee of Experts on Business and Trade Statistics

--Online event--    15 - 17 June 2021
Sixteenth Meeting of the UNCEEA

--Online event--    3 - 7 May 2021
2nd Session of the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names

--Online event--    29 April 2021
Launch of the ARIES for SEEA Explorer

--Online event--    15 March - 23 April 2021
Cours d'apprentissage en ligne TrainForTrade sur les statistiques du commerce international de marchandises

--Online event--    15 March - 23 April 2021
TrainForTrade E-Learning on International Merchandise Trade Statistics

--Online event--    20 January - 26 March 2021
Side Events of the 52nd Session of the Statistical Commission

--Online event--    1 - 3 and 5 March 2021
The 52nd Session of the Statistical Commission

--Online event--    9 - 12 February 2021
United Nations Expert Group Meeting on the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Conducting Population and Housing Censuses and on Census Data Quality Concerns

--Online event--    9 - 11 December 2020
Regional Workshop on Statistics of International Trade in Services (SITS) organized jointly by UN ECLAC and UNSD in collaboration with WTO

--Online event--    3 - 4 & 7 December 2020
14th Meeting of the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on Gender Statistics (IAEG-GS)

--Online event--    1 - 4 December 2020
Virtual seminars on the impact of COVID-19 on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in CARICOM countries

--Online event--    10 - 19 November 2020
Seventh Meeting of the Expert Group on Environment Statistics

--Online event--    9 - 12 November 2020
United Nations Expert Group Meeting on the United Nations Demographic Yearbook System

--Online event--    9 - 11 November 2020
Joint GCC STAT - UNSD Regional Workshop on Future of International Merchandise Trade Statistcs

--Online event--    21 September - 30 October 2020
E-Learning Course on Statistics of International Trade in Services Organized jointly by UNSD, UNCTAD, in cooperation with WTO

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The United Nations Statistics Division is committed to the advancement of the global statistical system.
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