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UN DESA and WHO call for expression of interest for TAG on COVID-19 Mortality Assessment

13 November 2020, The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on COVID-19 Mortality Assessment will serve as a broad scientific and strategic platform to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and application of methods on COVID-19 mortality. A primary role of the TAG will be to advise and support efforts by WHO and UNDESA to assist Member States to obtain accurate estimates of numbers of deaths attributable to the direct and indirect impacts of the pandemic. Persons interested in joining the Technical Advisory Group on COVID-19 Mortality Assessment are invited to send an expression of interest. For more information, click here.

20 October 2020, Director-General of Eurostat, Mariana Kotzeva and the Director of UNSD, Stefan Schweinfest signed an administrative arrangement for cooperation in the field of statistics. The administrative arrangement provides a framework for strategic cooperation in statistical areas of common interest, strengthens relations and confirms a willingness to cooperate between the two institutions. The signing ceremony was organised virtually, with Marians in Luxembourg and Stefan in New York. It was signed on World Statistics Day in 2020 and is exactly valid until the next WSD on 20 October 2025!

The World's Women 2020

19 October 2020, The World's Women 2020: Trends and Statistics compiles 100 data stories that provide a snapshot of the state of gender equality worldwide. Presented on an interactive portal, the report analyses gender equality in six critical areas: population and families; health; education; economic empowerment and asset ownership; power and decision-making; and violence against women and the girl child as well as the impact of COVID-19.Read more.

Global Network of Data Officers and Statisticians launched

19 October 2020. On World Statistics Day, UNSD launched the Global Network of Data Officers and Statisticians, a professional network that connects statisticians, data officers, and geospatial information experts around the world. The Network aims to help national governments build resilient and sustainable national data and information systems for the full implementation of the SDGs through collaboration, knowledge-sharing, networking, and technical support. To join the Global Network, please go to: http://yammer.com/unstats/.

The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2020

7 July 2020 - The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2020 reviews progress of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development amid the COVID-19 crisis. The report uses the latest available data and estimates to track progress towards the SDGs before the pandemic started, but it also looks at some of the devastating initial impacts of COVID-19 on specific Goals and targets. Follow the launch live on 7 July at 12:30am ET via webtv.un.org.

Meetings and events


--Online event--    10 - 19 November 2020
Seventh Meeting of the Expert Group on Environment Statistics

--Online event--    1 - 4 December 2020
Virtual seminars on the impact of COVID-19 on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in CARICOM countries

--Online event--    3 - 4 & 7 December 2020
14th Meeting of the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on Gender Statistics (IAEG-GS)


--Online event--    9 - 12 November 2020
United Nations Expert Group Meeting on the United Nations Demographic Yearbook System

--Online event--    9 - 11 November 2020
Joint GCC STAT - UNSD Regional Workshop on Future of International Merchandise Trade Statistcs

--Online event--    21 September - 30 October 2020
E-Learning Course on Statistics of International Trade in Services Organized jointly by UNSD, UNCTAD, in cooperation with WTO

--Online event--    21 September - 30 October 2020
Cours d'apprentissage en ligne TrainForTrade sur les statistiques du commerce international des services Organisé conjointement par la DSNU et la CNUCED en coopération avec l'OMC

--Online event--    19 - 21 October 2020
2020 virtual UN World Data Forum

--Online event--    23 June - 20 October 2020
Virtual Expert Forum on SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting 2020

--Online event--    14 September 2020
Nineteenth meeting of the HLG-PCCB

--Online event--    3 - 6 September 2020
AIS Hackathon

--Online event--    31 August - 2 September 2020
6th International Conference on Big Data for Official Statistics

--Online event--    31 August 2020
COVID-19 data hubs for timely decision-making amidst the pandemic

--Online event--    11 August - 1 September 2020
Webinars on COVID-19 impact on civil registration and vital statistics, Latin America UN Legal Identity Agenda Task Force, Global CRVS Group, Organisation of American States, UNECLAC

--Online event--    6 - 9 July 2020
15th Meeting of the UNCEEA

--Online event--    29 - 30 June 2020
Fourth Meeting of the Friends of the Chair Group on Economic Statistics

--Online event--    16 - 30 June 2020
Webinars on COVID-19 impact on civil registration and vital statistics, African countries

--Online event--    25 June 2020
SDMX Workshop on IMTS for Botswana

Kuwait City    24 - 28 June 2020 Postponed
UNSD/ESCWA/GCCSTAT Regional Workshop on IMTS

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