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Introduction to the Global Network of Data Officers and Statisticians

The UN Statistics Division (UNSD) is providing and facilitating a global professional network for statisticians, data officers, data scientists, and geospatial information experts. This network is a facilitated professional online social community hosted on Yammer. The goal of the network is to support governments to build resilient and sustainable national data and information systems for the full implementation of the SDGs and for other decision making through collaboration, knowledge-sharing, networking, and technical support.

The Global Network of Data Officers and Statisticians aims to improve coordination and collaboration among peers and organizations, to connect existing but not necessarily well-connected networks and initiatives, and to provide and share information on capacity building efforts globally. The Global Network has a broad participation, including colleagues from National Statistical Systems and of the government in general, the UN System, other regional and international organizations, civil society, NGOs, academia, and relevant private sector companies.


The first objective of the Global Network is to improve coordination on data and statistics within and among National Statistical System (NSSs), UN Country Teams (UNCTs), UN system entities, other international and regional organizations, and different data communities.

The Global Network is connecting existing but not necessarily well-connected networks, initiatives, and intergovernmental bodies by providing a single and unique meeting place for the users and entities described above.

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This network is currently open to statisticians, data management and results reporting officers, economists, data experts, and geospatial and other data experts from National Statistical Offices and other entities of the National Statistical Systems (which can include the central bank, ministries, and other governmental agencies) and of the government in general, UN Resident Coordinator Offices and UN Country Teams, all UN System entities, other international and regional organizations, civil society, NGOs, academia, and the relevant private sector.

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How to join the Network and engage?

If you are a statistician, geospatial or other data expert, data scientist, economist, or just interested in data please join the Global Network today. To join the Global Network, please request access by following this link and signing up preferably with your work / official email address.

How the Global Network can support your workstreams / possible use-cases

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Meetings and Events

The Global Network is a 24/7 opportunity to interact asynchronously with data and statistics professionals. In addition to the posts and discussions from the members, a group of key contributors and administrators are proposing facilitated activities on a regular basis, directly on the Global Network.

As an open space for discussion, the Global Network is often used as an alternate communication channel for informal discussion and/or announcements on the sidelines of high-level events like the Statistical Commission, the World Data Forum, and others.

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