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Events taking place on the Global Network

  • Training on how to create groups - planned for March
  • Global Network Webinars (including the Building Strong Data Ecosystems for SDGs Webinar Series)
  • Trainings on communication for all members of the Global Network
  • Q&A Sessions with high-level personalities working on statistics and data (the first session featured the UNSD Director)
  • #MyWork campaigns to encourage everyone to read and share their work
  • #AskMeAnything campaigns to answer questions raised by members & proactively point out resources

List of past Global Network Events

  • Building Strong Data Ecosystems for SDGs Webinar Series
  • No. Webinar Series Title Date
    55 Advancing National Data Systems with the Gender Data Compass 2024-03-26
    54 Pro-poor public social spending 2024-03-12
    53 Data and insights from Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals: The SDG Gender Snapshot 2023 2024-02-06
    52 Using surveys and censuses to monitor the inequalities that affect persons with disabilities 2023-12-12
    51 Joint ISWGHS-Global Network Webinar: Leveraging non-probability samples and organic data for producing public statistics 2023-12-05
    50 Insights from the SDG Report 2023 and Introducing UN Data Commons for the SDGs 2023-11-29
    49 Global Network - FAO - UN Datathon Webinar: Unlocking food and agriculture microdata through the FAM Catalogue 2023-10-24
    48 Joint ISWGHS-Global Network Webinar: Identifying Refugees and IDPs in Household Surveys: An EGRISS Methodological Paper 2023-10-17
    47 Joint ISWGHS-Global Network Webinar: Qualitative research with statistically under-represented groups within the UK ONS 2023-10-03
    46 Artificial Ignorance and Probabilistic Stories 2023-09-26
    45 Joint ISWGHS-Global Network Webinar: Brief Introduction to Household Survey in China 2023-09-12
    44 Disability Data Advocacy Toolkit 2023-06-27
    43 Joint FAO and Global Network Webinar: Essence - an integrated framework for documents retrieving and analysis 2023-06-13
    42 Joint ISWGHS and Global Network Webinar: Launch of the 7th round of MICS 2023-04-25
    41 UN World Data Forum 2023 - What to expect from the Forum 2023-04-06
    40 SDMX User Forum and SDMX Capacity Development Initiatives 2023-03-21
    39 Joint FAO and Global Network Webinar: Earth Observation Data for Agricultural Statistics 2023-03-08
    38 Handbook on Management and Organization of National Statistical Systems - its features and how to keep it relevant 2023-01-24
    37 Preparing Evidence-Based Voluntary National Reviews 2023-01-17
    36 Infusing Emerging Technologies into Statistical Organizations and Government 2022-12-13
    35 Beyond GDP 2022-11-29
    34 Roadmap to National Quality Assurance Framework (NQAF) Implementation 2022-11-15
    33 Traditional and Emerging Data for Transportation System Analysis 2022-11-08
    32 SEEA Ecosystem Accounting and ARIES (Artificial Intelligence for Environment & Sustainability) for SEEA data solution 2022-11-01
    31 Combining surveys in small area estimation 2022-10-04
    30 Piloting an open-source calculation of SDG indicator 11.7.1 (Average share of the built-up area of cities that is open space for public use for all, by sex, age and persons with disabilities) 2022-09-27
    29 Building personal and institutional capacity with the International Statistical Institute (ISI) 2022-09-20
    28 Insight of the SDG Report 2022 and behind the numbers 2022-09-13
    27 Unleashing data sharing - 20 years of European Union experience, and what comes next 2022-06-07
    26 Including Respondent Perspectives in International Survey Development to Improve Quality and Comparability of Data across Languages, Tuesday, 24 May 2022 2022-05-24
    25 Global Guidance to improve the collection and use of Violence against Women Administrative Data 2022-05-03
    24 Respondent Centred Surveys: Stop, Listen and then Design 2022-04-12
    23 CBAS: Harnessing Big Data to Support the SDGs 2022-04-05
    22 Lessons learned applying user centered software development paradigms 2022-03-22
    21 Data Storytelling & Data Visualization Toolkit 2022-01-25
    20 Using Nowcasting in Official Statistics 2022-01-18
    19 The New Global Set of Climate Change Statistics and Indicators 2021-11-30
    18 New Global SDG Indicators Data Platform 2021-11-11
    17 Collaborative on administrative data 2021-10-26
    16 Speak Data! 2021-10-19
    15 Guidance for NSIs on data publishing to improve fact checking 2021-10-12
    14 Improving the Resilience and Agility of National Statistical Systems 2021-09-28
    13 SDG Report 2021 2021-07-15
    12 WHO World Health Statistics report 2021-07-01
    11 Handbook on Management and Organization of National Statistical Systems 2021-06-15
    10 A Tutorial on Remote Data Science 2021-06-10
    9 Presenting the Health Data Collaborative 2021-06-01
    8 Tools and mechanisms to coordinate capacity development 2021-05-25
    7 Joint ISWGHS-Global Network webinar - The UK Covid Infection Survey – what ONS UK colleagues have done and what they learned 2021-05-18
    6 Oman's Experience in Utilizing Mobile Positioning Data for Official Statistics 2021-04-20
    5 Coordinating Training in Official Statistics 2021-04-08
    4 Citizen science and citizen-generated data for monitoring the SDGs 2021-01-19
    3 StaTact - A tool to address pressing data needs 2020-12-08
    2 National SDG Data Platforms 2020-11-17
    1 Household Surveys 2020-10-28

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