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This network is currently open to statisticians, data management and results reporting officers, economists, data experts, and geospatial and other data experts from National Statistical Offices and other entities of the National Statistical Systems (which can include the central bank, ministries, and other governmental agencies), UN Resident Coordinator Offices and UN Country Teams, international and regional organizations. During the second half of 2021, it is planned to open up the Global Network to a wider audience, including statisticians and data experts from academia, non-governmental organizations, and private sector.

Quick guide for new members

(The quick guide will help you with the sign-up process and with your first steps on the Global Network.)

Current members of the network include:

  • Statisticians
  • Data officers
  • Economists
  • Data scientists
  • Geospatial information experts
  • Other data experts
  • Researchers, academia
  • Information technology experts in general
  • Civil society stakeholders
  • Policymakers, government officials in general
  • Development cooperation specialists
  • From:
  • National Statistical Systems (including producers of official statistics e.g. in ministries, governmental agencies, central bank)
  • National Geospatial Information Ecosystems
  • UN Regional Commissions
  • Resident Coordinator Offices (RCOs) / UN Country Teams
  • UN system entities
  • IMF, World Bank, and regional development banks
  • Other international and regional organizations (e.g. Mercosur, Pacific Community, EU, African Union, OECD, OPEC)
  • Government entities in general
  • Civil Society / Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Development cooperation entities
  • Donors and philanthropy
  • Universities
  • Public and private research institutes and think tanks
  • Relevant private sector (with a focus on data and statistics, e.g.: trade and business associations, big data providers, consulting firms which work with National Statistical System entities or international organizations)
  • Other producers of statistics and data

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