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Creating groups

Groups can be created by any member of the Network.

Groups are useful to:

  1. help users access relevant content directly,
  2. support your workstreams,
  3. connect with relevant peers working on a specific topic, and
  4. help users feel that they can access help by peers directly.

The ideal scenario to assess relevance is if the group is simply providing a space where a defined community, gathered around a common challenge, can start trading knowledge and directly usable information.

Groups can be:

  • public/open (accessible by all members of the Global Network)
  • private/closed (only members of the group can access it).

Training video: Learn how to create, facilitate and maintain efficient groups on the Global Network

How to discover new groups:

Additional groups can be found on the left menu of the Global Network Discover more groups. Some groups will require a "request to join", some other groups will be open. Guidelines and recommendations on how to create groups will be soon available here.

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Examples of already existing groups on the Global Network:

Open Groups:

Closed Groups:
  • UN Statistics Training Resources

    Dedicated to all statistical and geospatial information trainings. This encompasses also (but not exclusively) events designed for UN System staff only, like the UNSD Brown Bags and the UNSD Training Series. (Open to all UN system colleagues.)

  • SEEA Focal Points

    Made up of country-level SEEA Focal Points. This community provides a place for SEEA Focal Points to share the latest SEEA news in their countries, keep up to date on SEEA-related events and achievements and collaborate with one another.

  • Voorburg Group on Service Statistics

    The mission of the Voorburg Group on Services Statistics is to establish and maintain an internationally comparable methodology for measuring output and producer price indexes for the service industries. This community expands the possibilities for collaboration and information sharing, especially between meetings of the Voorburg Group.

Archived Groups (groups that have completed their temporary purpose):
  • Core Values of Official Statistics

    This was an open group with discussions about the core values of official statistics.

  • Geospatial data and technologies

    This was an open group to discuss the use of geospatial data and technologies in official statistics and SDG monitoring. The group was closed while we prepare a new discussion from supporting the integration of geospatial data and statistics.

For more information about how the Global Network can support your workstreams / Use-cases for groups, go to this dedicated page

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