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The Handbook on Management and Organization of National Statistical Systems, the 4th edition of a series of publications on the management of statistical organizations, was endorsed by the 52nd session of the UNSC in March 2021 as a non-prescriptive compendium targeting chief statisticians, senior managers, and staff members of statistical organizations. The Handbook provides guidance on how to develop and maintain national statistical capacity that is fit for purpose and apprises critical issues and topics, including the integration of innovative data sources and technologies in the production of statistics and indicators. To remain relevant in a rapidly changing data ecosystem, the Handbook has been designed as a "living document" to be regularly updated and revised under the guidance of an Advisory Group composed of national and international chief and senior statisticians.

The present version of the Handbook (2022/A) is available in a mobile-device compatible format and will be followed in November this year by a printer-friendly PDF version. In the meantime, readers are invited to share information on any formatting and structural issues, such as broken weblinks, on the Comments and Suggestions page.

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