Classification Detail

CPC, Version 2.1 - Code 21270


Explanatory note

This subclass includes: - crustaceans (crabs, prawns, shrimps, lobster, crayfish, ebi, rock lobster, etc.), prepared in the following ways: * boiled or steamed, whether or not in shell * fried, roasted or otherwise cooked * in vinegar, oil, marinade or sauce * in paste or pâté * smoked * canned or in airtight containers * pasteurized or sterilized * breaded * prepared or preserved other than by simply freezing, salting, drying or brining This subclass does not include: - any of the above products, when presented in a complete, prepared dish or meal, cf. 21241 - crustaceans prepared or preserved by simply freezing, salting, drying or brining, cf. 2125 - extract and juices of crustaceans, cf. 21185


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