International Statistical Classifications are an essential component of the statistical infrastructure. They ensure quality and relevance of statistics and their comparability across time and domains, e.g., output, trade, employment, balances, etc. International classifications are also essential to guarantee international comparability and therefore monitor global trend and phenomena in a reliable manner. In an increasingly interconnected world, classifications can play an important role for the integration of statistics across domains as long as the underlying concepts are clearly identified and to the extent possible linked. The revision and maintenance of classifications requires continuous and dedicated efforts to ensure that the classifications reflect the reality and support sound policymaking and informed decisions.

The Sprint is jointly organized by UN Network of Economic Statisticians and the UN Committee of Experts on International Statistical Classifications to raise awareness of the importance of international classifications with both internal and external users; advance outreach by the Committee of Experts on International Statistical Classifications to engage NSOs; provide an additional forum for discussing and sharing modern ways of updating and implementing classifications; and highlight the importance of investing in classification work as a foundation for data integration.

The Sprint consists of three webinars. The target audience include members of the Network of Economic Statisticians, Committee of Experts on International Statistical Classifications, Chief statisticians from NSOs, Secretariat of domain specific Expert Groups and Committees, and other relevant stakeholders.

Please register here for the webinars. Agenda and relevant materials will be posted on this website.