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Praia Group on Governance Statistics


The Praia Group on Governance Statistics (the Praia Group) is a city group created in March 2015 at the forty-sixth session of the United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC). Given the growing recognition of the importance of governance statistics as a new domain of official statistics, the Praia Group was constituted to address the issues of conceptualization, methodology and instruments in the domain of governance statistics.

The specific objectives of the Praia Group are:

  • (a) To provide a forum for national and international statistical organizations, international agencies, academia, research groups and civil society organizations to share and develop expertise in governance statistics;
  • (b) To review, propose and promote the definition and harmonization of governance indicators, through the development of manuals and methodological guidelines;

Points of contact

Chairman of the Secretariat of the Praia Group
Osvaldo Monteiro Borges, PhD
Presidente do Conselho de Administração
E-mail: E-mail:

Carlos Alberto Mendes
Technical Coordinator

João de Pina Mendes Cardoso
Assistant Technical Coordinator

  • (c) To document sound practices and provide inputs for the development of an indicator framework for the measurement and monitoring of the goal and targets related to peace and governance in the post-2015 development agenda and in other global initiatives;
  • (d) To assess the demand for governance statistics among potential user constituencies and highlight best-practices in their use; and
  • (e) To provide advice on ways to enhance processes and standards for the public dissemination of governance statistics.

The Praia Group has been tasked to encourage countries to produce governance statistics based on sound and documented methodologies and to address the conceptualization, methodology and instruments needed to produce such statistics.

See the Terms of reference of the Praia Group at: E/CN.3/2015/17

Year organized



The Praia group includes (as of May 2017) 65 members, including national statistical offices, UN agencies, multilateral and bilateral agencies, and academies. The first meeting of the Praia Group led to the establishment of a steering committee which includes representatives from the African Development Bank, the Cabo Verde National Statistics Institute, the National Institute for Statistics and Geography of Mexico, the Partnership in Statistics for Development in the 21st Century (PARIS21), UNDP and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).


First meeting: 17 to 19 June 2015 in Praia, Cabo Verde.

Topics considered

Conceptualization, measurement methodology and dissemination of governance statistics. Furthermore, the Praia Group works on the 7 tier III indicators under Goal 16 of the SDGs through its corresponding 7 working groups.

Reporting to the UN Statistical Commission (UNSC)


Documents and information about activities are made available at:

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