Work Programme

The Environment Statistics Section of the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) is engaged in the development of methodology, data collection, capacity development, and coordination in the fields of environmental statistics and indicators.


Methodological work includes the elaboration of frameworks, concepts, methods, definitions, and data compilation guidelines to support the development and harmonization of national and international statistics on the environment.


Data collection is implemented through the biennial Questionnaire on Environment Statistics. Data collection started in 1999. UNSD environmental indicators derived from these data, as well as for the eight other themes, are now available.

Capacity Development

Technical cooperation, training and capacity development is provided through regional and sub-regional projects, international training workshops, fellowship arrangements and assistance to countries. Recent projects covered the countries of the CARICOM, ESCWA, ECOWAS and EAC regions.


Coordination of international activities in the field of environmental statistics and indicators is provided through the Intersecretariat Working Group on Environment Statistics (IWG-Env) with UNSD as the Secretariat.