Manual on the Basic Set of Environment Statistics

The objective of the Manual is to produce and disseminate a set of methodology sheets or metadata for the collection or compilation of all environment statistics of the Basic Set of Environment Statistics embedded in the FDES 2013. The template for these methodology sheets has been agreed by the Expert Group on Environment Statistics (EGES).

These methodology sheets offer detailed and in-depth methodological guidance including definitions, classifications, statistical methods for collection and/or compilation, dissemination and main uses of the sets of the respective environment statistics. These aspects are provided by the standards and guidelines established by lead agencies in the relevant fields, such as FAO, UNFCCC and UN-HABITAT, which ensures that the methodology sheets utilize established international best practices. The references can be found with the respective definitions and classifications.

The work on the Manual is being coordinated by UNSD and is being carried out in a collaborative way with the EGES and other thematic experts from specialized agencies as needed. The experience of this global group is being utilized in order to construct up to date, hands-on guidance to benefit practitioners working in environment statistics in different countries.

As there are 458 environment statistics identified in the Basic Set of Environment Statistics, their methodology sheets are being developed in a modular and progressive manner. The available volumes (sets) of methodology sheets are disseminated below.