Energy Statistics Compilers Manual

The Energy Statistics Compilers Manual (ESCM) has been developed in accordance with the decisions of the United Nations Statistical Commission at its 42nd session as part of the implementation of the International Recommendations for Energy Statistics (IRES).

The ESCM contains further and more detailed explanations of the recommendations and provides practical guidance for compilers of energy statistics and energy balances by describing country practices. The ESCM has been prepared by UNSD in close collaboration with the Oslo Group on Energy Statistics.

It is foreseen that the Manual will be periodically reviewed and updated to reflect new methodological developments and keep data compilers abreast of new country practices. As part of the preparation of the Manual, country practices have been collected through a country practice template and other means. These examples of country practices significantly increase the value of the ESCM, as they provide more guidance to countries on the implementation of various aspects of the IRES by illustrating functioning examples of implementation and adaptation. It is expected that the list of country examples will be expanded continuously, keeping the ESCM up-to-date with new developments and techniques.


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