Classification Detail

CPC, Version 2.1 - Code 22110


Explanatory note

This subclass includes: - milk, partially or completely skimmed - milk, enriched in vitamins, mineral salts or additional natural milk constituents - milk, pasteurized - milk, homogenized - milk, peptonized - milk, sterilized This subclass also includes: - milk, reconstituted, of a quantitative and qualitative composition similar to items above This subclass does not include: - raw milk, whether or not frozen, cf. 0221, 0229 - cream, fresh, cf. 22120 - milk, concentrated, whether or not reconstituted: * unsweetened, cf. 22221 * sweetened, cf. 22222 - cream, concentrated, whether or not reconstituted, cf. 22229 - milk and cream in solid form, whether or not reconstituted: * quantitative and qualitative composition similar to natural whole milk, cf. 22211 * quantitative and qualitative composition similar to skim milk or whey, cf. 22212 * other quantitative or qualitative composition, cf. 22219 - liquid reconstituted milk, when not of a quantitative or qualitative composition similar to the included items, cf. 22290 - milk, with added sugar or other sweetening material, cf. 22229 - milk, curdled, fermented or acidified, cf. 22230 - flavoured milk, cf. 24490


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