National Names Authorities

The concept of national standardization of geographical names is at the heart of UNGEGN. A national geographical names authority or institution is desirable for an effective national standardization programme and allows for accurate and efficient administration and clear communication. This in turn enables the promotion and use of the nationally standardized names internationally on maps and documents.

The Manual for the National Standardization of Geographical Names provides countries who are interested with a framework of measures to standardize their nation's geographical names.

Summary World Map of Names Authorities

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Useful reference documents
(examples from national names authorities)

Overview-names authorities and procedures for naming
Legislation for a names authority
Policies, principles and procedures for geographical naming
Place names acts
Information publicizing the work of names authorities
Manual of names authorities
Annual reports of names authorities
Forms for public submission of names

Presentations (National Names Authorities)

Meeting of toponymy authorities, 6 September 2011, at ICOS XIV, Barcelona, Spain
Short UNGEGN lunch-time presentation, GGIM High Level Forum, Seoul, October 24-26, 2011

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