UNGEGN Liaison Officers

  • International Cartographic Association (ICA): Peter Jordan (Austria)
          E-mail Peter.Jordan@oeaw.ac.at
  • Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN): Peeter Päll (Estonia)
          E-mail peeter.pall@eki.ee
  • International Council of Onomastic Sciences (ICOS): Staffan Nyström (Sweden)
          E-mail staffan.nystrom@nordiska.uu.se
  • International Council on Indigenous Place Names (ICIPN): Carl Christian Olsen (Denmark, Greenland)
          E-mail CCO@nanoq.gl
  • International Hydrographic Organization (IHO): Trent Palmer (USA)
          E-mail trent.c.palmer@nga.mil
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee 211 (TC/211): Pier-Giorgio Zaccheddu (Germany)
          E-mail pier-giorgio.zaccheddu@bkg.bund.de
  • Pan-American Institute of Geography and History (PAIGH): Roger Payne (USA)
          E-mail rpayne@usgs.gov
  • Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR): Jean-Yves PIRLOT (Belgium)
          E-mail Jean-Yves.Pirlot@ign.be
  • Unicode Consortium: Catherine Cheetham (United Kingdom)
          E-mail ccheetham@pcgn.org.uk

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