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Participation of civil society

The Statistical Commission, an inter-governmental body, generally welcomes the participation of non-members and the representatives of civil society organizations (CSOs) in various aspects of its work, as observers. However, due to time and space constraints participation in the forthcoming 50th session of the Commission (5-8 March 2019) will be limited to the representatives of CSOs that are currently in consultative status with ECOSOC, who may participate as observers from the gallery, and on a first come-first served basis.

Representatives of CSOs in consultative status with ECOSOC wishing to attend the 50th session of the Commission as observers are kindly requested to communicate the composition of their delegations to Ms. Li Wang and Ms. Maria Isabel Cobos Hernandez of the United Nations Statistics Division/DESA (e-mail: wangl@un.org and cobos@un.org). Please note that only scanned copies of notes verbales will be accepted by e-mail. For more detail information on participation click here.

Please note also that all formal meetings of the Commission will be webcast accessible through http://webtv.un.org/.

Members and non-members of the Commission are welcome to attend all open side events. However, participation in the newcomer orientation session, to be held at 12 noon on 4 March, is open to official national delegations only.

For modalities on how to apply for consultative status, please consult the following website: http://csonet.org/?menu=34.

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