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Partner meeting of SDG projects in Africa--FDES, SUTs, and EE-SUTs

  • Thursday, 8 MAR 2018
  • 6:15 – 8:15 pm

  • DC2-2330

Meeting organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), and United Nations Environment (UNEP)

Background and introduction

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) require a wide-range of statistics and data for the measuring, monitoring, and reporting of the progress made by countries. To meet the requirements, countries would need to explore new domains of data and statistics, take new ways of collecting data, apply new frameworks in organizing data, implement new approaches and systems for processing and compiling data, and adopt the new international statistical standards and recommendations.

A side event is planned to provide a forum for reviewing and discussing capacity building programmes and projects related to the Framework for the Development of Environment Statistics (FDES), Supply and Use Tables (SUTs), and Environmentally Extended-Supply and Use Tables (EE-SUTs) in Africa. It will bring countries experts and development partners to share and exchange lessons and experiences in the recent years that have resulted in better data production and statistics in Africa. ECA in collaboration with partners will undertake capacity building programmes on FDES, SUTs, and EE-SUTs in pilot countries to compile the related compendia and accounts in the next two years.

Following short presentations and open-floor discussions, the event is intended to answer the question of how can we better implement the FDES, SUTs, and EE-SUTs to support member States for them to produce timely and reliable data?


  1. Chair
    ECA/ACS Director
  2.  10 min Welcome
  3. Mr. Oliver J. M. Chinganya, Director, African Centre for Statistics (ACS), UNECA

  4.  10 min FDES - Objectives, relevance, and requirements - Ms. Reena Shah, Chief, Environment Statistics Section, Environment and Energy Statistics Branch, United Nations Statistics Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs

  5.  10 min SUT - Objectives, relevance, and requirements - Mr. Michael Smedes, National Accounts Inter-Regional Advisor, United Nations Statistics Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs

  6.  10 min EE-SUT - Objectives, relevance, and requirements - Mr. Ivo Havinga, Assistant Director, United Nations Statistics Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs

  7.  10 min Tanzania's achievement on FDES - Ms. Albina Andrew CHUWA, Director General, National Bureau of Statistics, United Republic of Tanzania

  8.  10 min UNECA capacity-building programmes on FDES, SUTs, and EE-SUTs in Africa - Mr. Xiaoning Gong, Chief, Economic Statistics and National Accounts Section, ACS, UNECA

  9.  30 min Open-floor discussions - The group

  10.  10 min Summary & conclusions - Ms. Jillian Campbell, Statistician, UN Environment

  11.  5 min Closing - Chair

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