FDES 1984

The FDES 2013 was preceded by the FDES 1984 which was also prepared by UNSD. The objective of the framework was to assist in the development, co-ordination and organization of environment statistics at the national and international levels. The conceptual framework was developed in close collaboration with numerous governmental and non-governmental institutions, international organizations and experts in the field.

The framework is based on existing national and international approaches to the development and organization of environment statistics, and it combines elements of the most commonly applied structures. Particular national environmental conditions and statistical capabilities may necessitate further refinement and adaptation of the framework. Changing environmental trends and priorities, accompanied by corresponding data requirements, called for a continuous critical review of the purposes of the framework, and periodic revisions are expected.

The FDES was accompanied by two reports in 1988 and 1991 entitled Concepts and Methods of Environment Statistics, one on human settlements and the other on the natural environment.


Concepts and Methods of Environment Statistics: Human Settlements Statistics? A Technical Report

Series: F, No. 51
Sales number: 88.XVII.14

Concepts and Methods of Environment Statistics--Statistics of the Natural Environment

Series: F, No. 57
Sales number: 91.XVII.18