Inventory of Capacity Development Events and Activities in the Area of Environment Statistics

The Environment Statistics Section of UNSD, in collaboration with the members of the IWG-ENV and other partner organizations, compiled an inventory of capacity development events and activities in the area of environment statistics led by international and regional organizations. The inventory has been presented in Part 3 of the Background Document to the Report of the Secretary-General on Environment Statistics (E/CN.3/2020/33) to the 51st session of the Statistical Commission.

Table I provides a summary of past capacity development activities by theme and recipient region. Figures 1-3 illustrate the concentration of past capacity development activities by recipient region, the number of countries/territories per region where no capacity development activities were reported and the concentration of planned capacity development activities by recipient region. Table 3.2 provides a summary of capacity development activities during 2018 to 2019 and Table 3.3 provides a summary of planned capacity development activities (November 2019 - December 2020).

The purpose of the inventory is to construct a synthesis of capacity development activities in environment statistics at the international level which will assist and improve their coordination and contribute towards a geographically-balanced coverage of these activities. The capacity development activities included in this inventory consist of national or regional training events and support provided by international and regional organizations to recipient countries with specific thematic coverage in the field of environment statistics, and also with the objective to increase national capacities.