Welcome to the UNSD Energy statistics website.

The UNSD mission in the area of energy statistics is to strengthen national statistical systems in order to provide high quality energy statistics and balances. The mission is realized through four workstreams:

Statistical data collection

UNSD collects annual and monthly energy statistics and disseminates them on flagships data publications: The Energy Statistical Yearbook, the Energy Balances, the Electricity Profiles, and the Energy Statistics Pocketbook.

Capacity building

UNSD organizes energy statistics workshops and participates in workshops organized by counterparts in order to popularize the International Recommendations. UNSD also provides technical assistance to countries’ administrations occasionally.

Development of methodological guidelines and standards in energy statistics

UNSD provides expertise and coordinates the development, implementation, popularization and dissemination of the International Recommendations for Energy Statistics (IRES).

International cooperation and coordination

UNSD is a co-custodian of the Sustainable Development Goal indicators 7.2.1 on renewable energy and 7.3.1 on energy efficiency, participating in publishing the SDG7 Tracking Report.

UNSD works with the UN Regional Commissions, is a JODI partner organization, the coordinator of the Oslo City Group on Energy Statistics and a key member of the InterSecretariat Working Group on Energy Statistics.