Classification Detail

CPC, Version 2.1 - Code 012




Explanatory note

This group includes vegetables, i.e. temporary crops cultivated principally for human consumption both as field crops and garden crops, in the open and under protective cover. Certain gramineous and leguminous plants, if harvested for their dry grains, are classified as cereals and pulses, but belong to this group when they are harvested while green for their green grains or for their green pods (green maize, green peas, string beans, etc.). This group also includes melons, watermelons, and mushrooms. Vegetables cultivated mainly for animal feed or cultivated only for their seeds are excluded. Vegetables are grouped here according to botanic characteristics as follows: leafy or stem vegetables (with leaves, stems, and/or flowers edible, e.g., cabbages and cauliflowers); fruit-bearing vegetables (with edible fruits, e.g., melons); root, bulb and tuber vegetables (with roots, bulbs, and/or tubes edible, e.g., onions); green leguminous vegetables (containing green grains and green pods, e.g., green peas); other vegetables n.e.c. (e.g., green maize, mushrooms).