Classification Detail

CPC, Provisional - Code 6


6 - Trade services; hotel and restaurant services



Explanatory note

Distributive trade services consisting in selling merchandise to retailers, to industrial, commercial, institutional or other professional business users, or to other wholesalers, or acting as agent or broker (wholesaling services) or selling merchandise for personal or household consumption including services incidental to the sale of the goods (retailing services). The principal services rendered by wholesalers and retailers may be characterized as reselling merchandise, accompanied by a variety of related, subordinated services, such as: maintaining inventories of goods; physically assembling, sorting and grading goods in large lots; breaking bulk and redistribution in smaller lots; delivery services; refrigeration services; sales promotion services rendered by wholesalers; and services associated with retailers' business, e.g. processing subordinated to selling, warehousing and garage services. Also included in this section are, among others, repair services of personal and household goods (group 633) and meal preparing and serving services by restaurants (division 64). Exclusions: Installation work for constructions is classified in group 516. Cargo handling, storage and warehousing services not subordinated to selling are classified in division 74 (Supporting and auxiliary transport services). Repair services other than for personal and household goods are classified in group 845 (Maintenance and repair services of office machinery and equipment incl. computers) and group 886 (Repair services incidental to metal products, machinery and equipment). Assembly and installation services of industrial machinery and equipment are classified in group 885 (Services incidental to the manufacture of metal products, machinery and equipment).