Classification of Statistical Activities

The Classification of Statistical Activities (CSA) is an analytical classification that provides a hierarchical structure of categories about statistical activities. It is organized at the top level by statistical domains which relate the broad type of statistical activities, covering subject-matter activities, activities related to infrastructure and methodology, and strategic and management activities for official statistics.

CSA can be used as a reference leading to better harmonization in structuring information about activities of statistical organizations, dissemination websites, publications, etc. Its domains 1-5 (subject-matter domains) can also be used to classify statistical data and products.

CSA 2.0

The Classification of Statistical Activities, Version 2.0 (CSA 2.0) was developed by the Task Team on CSA, established in February 2020 by the Bureau of the Conference of European Statisticians (CES).

The Task Team on CSA, comprised of representatives from Canada, Ireland, Mexico (Chair), New Zealand, Eurostat, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), developed a draft updated CSA that reflected the consensus of the Task Team and the feedback from a global survey in April - May 2022. The updated CSA was then submitted to the Conference of European Statisticians’ 2022 plenary session, and subsequently to the United Nations Committee of Experts on International Statistical Classifications (UNCEISC) in October 2022. In response, the UNCEISC endorsed CSA 2.0 and submitted it to the UN Statistical Commission for adoption.
The United Nations Statistical Commission, at its 54th session from 28 February – 3 March 2023, endorsed CSA 2.0 as an international standard classification, and recommended its inclusion in the international family of classifications. (UNSC Report on the 54th session, 2023, decision 54/112f)

The CES Bureau was the initial owner of the CSA responsible for its maintenance and authorization of revisions in the past. Based on the recommendations of the Task Team on CSA, the CES Bureau agreed in 2022 to make the CSA a global classification, considering that many of the international organizations who are using it have a global coverage, and a number of countries from different regions are using the CSA. The custodianship of the CSA has been transferred from the CES Bureau and UNECE to UNSD (as the Secretariat of the UN Statistical Commission).

Previous version of CSA

The Classification of International Statistical Activities, Revision 1 (CSA Rev. 1) was published in 2009 by the Bureau of the Conference of European Statisticians (CES). The CES Bureau has been the owner of the Classification and responsible for its maintenance and authorization of revisions before 2023.

CSA Rev. 1 (2009)