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MBS tables - Technical notes

No.TopicTable name
32CONSTRUCTIONCement production
33CONSTRUCTIONConstruction of new buildings
9EMPLOYMENT, UNEMPLOYMENT AND EARNINGSPaid employment in non-agricultural activities
10EMPLOYMENT, UNEMPLOYMENT AND EARNINGSPaid employment in manufacturing
12EMPLOYMENT, UNEMPLOYMENT AND EARNINGSEarnings in manufacturing, by sex
53EMPLOYMENT, UNEMPLOYMENT AND EARNINGSEarnings in non-agricultural activities, by sex
56EMPLOYMENT, UNEMPLOYMENT AND EARNINGSHours of work per week in non-agricultural activities
57EMPLOYMENT, UNEMPLOYMENT AND EARNINGSHours of work per week in manufacturing
13ENERGYHard coal production
14ENERGYLignite production
15ENERGYCrude petroleum production
16ENERGYNatural gas production
17ENERGYElectricity production
43FINANCEExchange rates
44FINANCEMoney supply
45FINANCEInternational reserves minus gold
46FINANCEGold reserves
47FINANCEGovernment bonds
48FINANCERates of discount of central banks
49FINANCEShort-term rates
50FINANCEIndex numbers of share prices
18FUEL IMPORTSFuel imports, developed economies: unit value and volume indices; value
19FUEL IMPORTSIndicators on fuel imports, developed economies published
4INDEX OF INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTIONIndices of world industrial production, by branches of industry and regions
5INDEX OF INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTIONIndex of industrial production
34INTERNATIONAL MERCHANDISE TRADETotal imports and exports by regions and countries or areas
35INTERNATIONAL MERCHANDISE TRADETotal imports and exports: value and index numbers of volume and unit value
36INTERNATIONAL MERCHANDISE TRADETotal exports and imports by countries or areas: volume, unit value/price, terms of trade and purchasing power of exports in US dollars
37INTERNATIONAL MERCHANDISE TRADEExternal trade conversion factors
38INTERNATIONAL MERCHANDISE TRADETotal exports and imports by regions: Quantum and unit value indices and terms of trade in US dollars
39INTERNATIONAL MERCHANDISE TRADEManufactured goods exports: unit value and volume indices; value
40INTERNATIONAL MERCHANDISE TRADEWorld exports by provenance and destination
41INTERNATIONAL MERCHANDISE TRADEExports by commodity classes and by regions: developed economies
42INTERNATIONAL MERCHANDISE TRADEWorld exports by commodity classes and by regions
21MANUFACTURINGWheat flour production
22MANUFACTURINGPig iron production
23MANUFACTURINGCrude steel production
24MANUFACTURINGCotton yarn production
25MANUFACTURINGWoven cotton fabrics production
26MANUFACTURINGNewsprint production
27MANUFACTURINGTire production
28MANUFACTURINGMotor vehicle production
20MININGIron ore production
54NATIONAL ACCOUNTSGross domestic product, volume measures (2005=100)
1POPULATIONEstimates of mid-year population
2POPULATIONCrude birth rates
3POPULATIONCrude death rates
6PRICE INDICESConsumer price indices
7PRICE INDICESProducer prices indices
8PRICE INDICESRetail price indices relating to living expenditures of United Nations officials
58RETAIL TRADE INDICESRetail trade indices
29TRANSPORTInternational maritime transport: freight loaded, unloaded
30TRANSPORTRegistration of new motor vehicles
31TRANSPORTCivil aviation traffic: passenger-km, cargo net ton-km
51WORLD STATISTICS, SELECTED SERIESSelected series of world statistics
55WORLD STATISTICS, SELECTED SERIESWorld food situation: FAO Food price index
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