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Technical notes

Table Earnings in non-agricultural activities, by sex
Technical note The series generally relate to the average earnings of wage earners in non-agricultural activities. Earnings normally include bonuses, cost of living allowances, taxes, social insurance contributions payable by the employed person and, in some cases, payments in kind, and normally exclude social insurance contributions payable by the employers, family allowances and other social security benefits. The time of year to which the figures refer is not the same for all countries. Unless otherwise stated, the series relate to wage earners of both sexes, irrespective of age.

Some of the series do not conform to the above for one or more of the following reasons: inclusion of salaried employees, inclusion of agricultural industries and use of wage rates, instead of earnings.

For further details and current figures, see International Labour Office Year Book of Labour Statistics and the website:

Data source International Labour Office(ILO), Geneva, Department of Statistics Database.
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