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UNECE Road Map on statistics for SDGs -
experience and emerging issues

  • Tuesday, 5 MAR 2019
  • 1:15 – 2:30 pm
  • Conference Room B

Meeting organized by UNECE

The UNECE Steering Group on statistics for SDGs has started discussions on the second edition of the Road Map on statistics for SDGs (RM). The second edition of the RM will build on the experience and lessons learned with the implementation of the 1st Road Map. It is planned to target a wider audience than just national statistical offices, and be of interest and understandable to other stakeholders, in addition to NSOs.

The event aims to share experiences with using the UNECE Road Map on statistics for SDGs and to identify issues to be addresses in the 2nd edition of the Road Map.

Main objectives:

  • to debate about current and possible roles of the RM
  • to discuss about main challenges stakeholders face at the current stage of 2030 Agenda follow-up
  • to gather ideas for the 2nd edition of the RM

Plan of the event:

  • 1. Opening and introduction remarks
    brief description of the UNECE RM (objective of the 1st edition, plans for 2nd edition) - SG co-chairs

  • 2. Practical experiences from 1st edition
    two presentations of country cases

  • 3. Towards 2nd edition of the RM
    considerations on the 2nd RM

  • 4. Discussion and conclusions

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