United Nations Statistical Commission

Overview   41st Session (2010)


The Statistical Commission consists of 24 member countries of the United Nations, elected by the United Nations Economic and Social Council on the basis of an equitable geographical distribution. The term of office of members is four years.

Members of the Statistical Commission 2010


The documents of the forty-first session of the Statistical Commission, was held in New York from 23 to 26 February 2010 are available from the links below:

41st session documents
41st session media gallery


The following resources provide useful information to participants of the 41st session:

Orientation session for newcomers
New York resource guide including information on hotels

Side events

Information on side events organized during the 41st session of the Statistical Commission at the invitation of UNSD, following the mandate of the UN Statistical Commission, is available from the links below:

Side events calendar

Upcoming session



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