Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities

CCSA   Conferences on Data Quality for International Organizations

The conferences on data quality for international organizations have been held since 2004 on a biennial basis under the auspices of the Committee. The 2004 conference, held in Wiesbaden, Germany was the first such conference dedicated entirely to quality issues. It was followed by the 2006 conference in Newport, Wales, United Kingdom, the 2008 conference in Rome, Italy, the 2010 conference in Helsinki, Finland, the 2012 conference in Athens, Greece, the 2014 conference in Vienna, Austria, and the 2016 conference in Madrid, Spain.

These conferences are meant to provide a forum for participants from international and supranational organizations to discuss specific data quality issues related to their work and to exchange experiences regarding the various quality mechanisms developed for improving the collection and dissemination of international data.

CCSA Conferences on Data Quality