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Enhancing financing for development data

Enhancing financing for development data – Progress and innovations forimplementing the CTGAP

A Side Event at the United Nations Statistics Commission

  • Friday, 12 February 2021
  • 9:00 - 10:30 AM


  • Francesca Perucci, UN Statistics Division
  • Mercy Kanyuka, Malawi
  • Ola Awad, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
  • Johannes Jütting, Paris21

  • Data are critical for policymaking and for measuring progress towards national and global development goals. In this context, modern national statistical and data systems that can deliver and use more and better data are essential to achieving long-term prosperity and sustainable development for all, as was recognized in the 2015 Cape Town Global Action Plan for Sustainable Development Data (CTGAP). At the same time, while the global COVID-19 crisis has increased the need for high quality, timely and disaggregated data to underpin evidencebased policymaking for effective crisis management and recovery, it has also exacerbated data inequalities.

    Three rounds of survey on how the pandemic is affecting NSO operations, conducted by PARIS21,reveal enormous challenges faced by many countries, especially among those in the low and lower-middle income group. Eight in ten low- and lower-middle income countries have indicated that they need additional support to be able to operate during the pandemic. Over half of NSOs in these countries have seen a decrease of funding from the government and donors. The large majority of respondents also stressed the need for coordination of support and regular consultation with NSOs by development partners.

    In order to reduce data inequalities and ensure that countries can rely on resilient and agile statistical and data systemsto respond to this crisis and future shocks, it is necessary to ensure that data and statistics are adequately and effectively resourced. Following the Dubai Declaration launched at the United Nations World Data Forum (UNWDF) 2018, which calls for an increase of financing for better data and statistics for sustainable development, the UN High-Level Group on Partnership, Coordination and Capacity-Building (HLG-PCCB), the Bern Network on Financing Data for Development, and partners from national statistical offices (NSOs), development agencies and multilateral organizations have conducted significant work to implement the CTGAP and develop innovative mechanisms to make more and better funding for data a reality.

    This event, co-organized by the HLG-PCCB, UNSD and the Bern Network, will take stock of the latest developments and progress in implementing the CTGAP and the Dubai Declaration, with a particular focus on new approaches and mechanisms, for example the Bern Network's Clearinghouse for Financing Development Data. The session will aim to provide participants with:

    •   An overview of the new challenges and increased needs for financial and technical support resulting from the pandemic;
    •   A better understanding of the state of play for financing data and statistics and the implementation of theCTGAP and Dubai Declaration, drawing on the latest activities of the HLG-PCCB, NSOs and main donors;
    •   Sharing progress on the Clearinghouse for Financing Development Data, a new global platform beingdeveloped by the Bern Network to match supply and demand for statistical support; and
    •   An interactive discussion to receive participant feedback and generate recommendations for the way forward for this agenda, with a view to paving the road for deliberations and outcomes of the UN World Data Forum, co-hosted by Switzerland and UNSD in October 2021.

    Co-conveners: HLG-PCCB, UNSD, and Bern Network.

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