The World's Women reports

The World's Women reports are prepared by the Statistics Division of the UN Department for Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) at five-year intervals, starting in 1990. Five reports have been published as part of the The World's Women series. The first three and the last issue, World's Women 2010, analyze women's situation compared to men's worldwide on a broad range of fields. The 2005 edition reviews and analyzes national capacity to collect and report sex-disaggregated data on socioeconomic topics relevant for addressing gender concerns.
World's Women Report 2015
2015 Edition now available!

The World's Women 2015 comprises eight chapters covering critical areas of policy concern: population and families, health, education, work, power and decision-making, violence against women, environment, and poverty. In each area, a life-cycle approach is introduced to reveal the experiences of women and men during different periods of life-from childhood and the formative years, through the working and reproductive stages, to older ages.

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