Demographic and Social Statistics


Webinars on COVID-19 impact on civil registration and vital statistics, African countries
Global CRVS Group, UN Legal Identity Agenda Task Force,
  • 16,18,23,25,30 June 2020, Time 7am - 8am (EDT)

Webinar No.1 (Anglophone 16 June, Francophone 18 June)

International standards, methodological framework for civil registration and vital statistics and the UN Legal Identity Agenda
Webniar No.1 Video in English
Webniar No.1 Video in French

Webinar No.2 (Anglophone 23 June, Francophone 25 June)

Introducing UN LIA survey on the COVID-19 impact on civil registration operations, sharing country experiences on the impact of COVID 19 on CRVS system and planning for the future-Reports from Countries
Webniar No.2 Video in English
Webniar No.2 Video in French
Presentations (Anglophone) Presentations (Francophone)

Webinar No.3 (30 June)

Experience sharing from other region: New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia CRVS Business Continuity Strategies During the COVID-19 Crisis
Webniar No.3 Video in English

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