United Nations Regional Workshop on Data Dissemination and Communication

Amman, Jordan, 9-12 September 2013



  African Development Bank - Africa Information Highway and SDMX implementation in Africa PPTX 2,362 KB  
  Angola - Challenges in promoting data and dissemination Policies the experience of Angola PPTX 703 KB  
  Cape Verde - Integration of Statistical and Spatial Information for Data Dissemination in Cape Verde PPTX 7,475 KB  
  Egypt PPT 6,194 KB  
  Ethiopia - Electronic Data Dissemination of CSA Ethiopia PPTX 3,046 KB  
  European Central Bank - New approaches for data collection and analyses PPT 1,899 KB  
  European Central Bank - Turning statistics into knowledge PPTX 2,224 KB  
  FAO - A Free and Flexible Platform for Data Collection, Analysis and Dissemination PPTX 146 KB  
  Gambia - Emerging Trends in Data Dissemination Gambian Experience PPTX 83 KB  
  Ghana - Promoting Effective Dissemination of Data – Ghana’s experience PPT 545 KB  
  Iraq - Developing a System for Web Based Data Dissemination CSO Experience PPTX 520 KB  
  Jordan - DOS Experience on Data Dissemination PPT 2,204 KB  
  Kenya - New Approaches to Data Dissemination PPT 381 KB  
  Lesotho - Statistical Data Portal, Lesotho PPTX 1,033 KB  
  Liyba - Emerging Trends in Data Dissemination PPTX 149 KB  
  Morocco PPTX 1,013 KB  
  Mozambique - Users and their needs as catalysts of Information Systems PPTX 1,952 KB  
  Nigeria - Nigeria Strategy for Web-Based Data Dissemination and Communication PPTX 10,529 KB  
  Palestine - Best Practices in Data Dissemination Public Use Data files (PUF) PPT 1,552 KB  
  Sierra Leone - Data Compilation and Dissemination - The Challenge of Meeting Emerging Needs of Users PPTX 160 KB  
  South Sudan - Establishment and Mandate of South Sudan National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) PPTX 87 KB  
  Sudan - Strategies for web – based Data Dissemination PPT 238KB  
  Tanzania - Enabling Access to Data using Geo spatial and Statistical Information PPTX 10,801 KB  
  Tunisia - Dissemination Strategy PPTX 1,656 KB  
  Uganda - Tht 21st Century Data Dissemination Paradigm – An African Paradox; The Case of Uganda PPT 208 KB  
  United Kingdom - Emerging Trends and the Gartner ‘Hype Cycle’ PDF 2,647 KB  
  United Kingdom - An Introduction to Data Visualisation PDF 14,782 KB  
  United Kingdom - User Needs PDF 1,785 KB  
  UNSD - Strategies for web based data dissemination PPT 2,082 KB  
  UNSD - Infographics and Statistics PPT 10,400 KB  
  UNSD - International data dissemination - or: what do international organizations do with your data? PPTX 1,036 KB  
  Zambia - A New Dawn of Data Dissemination in Zambia PPTX 106 KB