Covid-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

Ongoing research and innovation projects in official statistics from the UN Global Platform to develop new methods, analytics and indicators in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic through encouraging the exchange of views and co-operation between researchers and technologists.

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Oman's Experience in Utilizing Mobile Positioning Data for Official Statistics

Oman's Experience in Utilizing Mobile Positioning Data for Official Statistics

  Virtual         20 April 2021, 08:00 - 09:00 (NY time)

The use of mobile positioning data allows to reduce the volume of field surveys, reduce frequent visits to families and companies to conduct field surveys, and increase the speed of response to the requirements of development plans. This achievement of using Big Data is a paradigm shift in the production processes of high-quality official indicators.

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Regional Hubs

The UN Global Platform has physical satellite campuses all over the world. These Regional Hubs are the home for regional projects, trainings and capacity building.

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UN Global Platform

A global community of statisticians and developers working on and sharing Big Data resources together in the cloud.

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Task Teams

Global partners working together to explore, develop, and share new methods, techniques and best practices for working with Big Data.

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  • 6 MAY 2021
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Measuring the information society using new data sources
Partnership session of WSIS 2021

Over the past decade, national statistical offices have been tasked with producing accurate, high quality statistics faster, more frequently and with a reduced burden on respondents. Yet they are expected to achieve this within the same or even a smaller budget. To face this challenge, national statistical offices can turn to innovative data sources like passive mobile positioning data (MPD).

Even though the private sector was the first to harness big data, the practice has now expanded to the global statistical community. The United Nations Statistical Commission and national statistical offices are looking into ways of using big data sources to complement official statistics and better meet their objectives for providing timely and accurate evidence for policy-making.

A project, led by ITU, was conducted in 2020 to demonstrate how big data can be used to produce internationally agreed ICT SDG indicators 9.c.1 (Proportion of population covered by a mobile network) and 17.8.1 (Individuals using the Internet). The feasibility of using MPD for both indicators was tested in both Brazil and Indonesia, one of each presented in the case studies. The collaboration showed that public and private sector organisations can work together for societal interest to leave no one behind.

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  • 11 MAR 2021
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Training in the Use of Big Data and Data Science

This side-event of the 52nd UN Statistical Commission will showcase the competence framework on Big Data and data science and the related maturity matrix for statistical offices, the training program on Earth observations for agriculture statistics and the training courses on privacy preserving techniques. The objective is to convey the message that training in Big Data and data science is being developed and is available and open to all the members of the Commission.

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  • 9 MAR 2021
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Big Data for the SDGs - What is the Way Forward - An Interactive Exchange of Views

In the context of the Global Working Group on Big Data and its Task Team on Big Data for the SDGs in particular, the purpose of this side-event of the 52nd UN Statistical Commission is to share status of the current work on monitoring the SDGs with the help of non-traditional data, including big data sources such as Earth observations and citizen generated data. The aim of the side event is to provide inspiration and knowledge exchange for countries wishing to exploit big data for their SDG reporting.

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  • 23 FEB 2021
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Using Big Data on the UN Global Platform - Side Event of the 52nd UNSC

This side-event of the 52nd UN Statistical Commission will showcase the projects on Sen2Agri, AIS data and .STAT. The objective is to convey the message that the data, services, technology and applications on the platform are available and open to all the members of the Commission.

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  • 3 - 6 SEP 2020

AIS Big Data Hackathon

Automatic identification system (AIS) data allows for real-time geo-tracking and identification for equipped vessels. AIS data provides a big data source of unrivaled quality. The number of possible applications for this data is enormous. To quickly utilize the data to its full potential, we need a surge of creative researchers to come up with equally creative ways to use it!

  • 31 AUG - 2 SEP 2020
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6th International Conference on Big Data for Official Statistics

The main theme of the Conference is "How can Big Data help in the COVID-19 response?" Related themes are: "How can Big Data support the monitoring of the progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals?" and "The need for global data collaboration on global emerging issues".