Welcome to the Big Data Training Catalog

This application links you to training courses and materials on Big Data-related topics and allows you to define a personal learning path.


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The Big Data Training Catalog includes resources (courses and materials) that help to develop skills for using big data sources in the production of official statistics.

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Learning paths

Here you can identify resources that correspond to your personal work setting, current knowledge and planned goals.

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Big Data Competency Framework

The Big Data Competency Framework provides the basis for linking training resources to exisitng and needed skills for the use of big data and identifying of skill gaps. It forms the basis for determining the personal learning paths.

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Big Data Maturity Matrix

The Big Data Maturity Matrix is a self-assessment tool to help statistical offices understand the extent to which they have developed big data infrastructure and applications and to identify its strengths and weaknesses from which a development plan or road map may be produced.

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Keeping the catalog updated

Big Data is a very dynamic field. New needs and opportunity for training constantly emerge. To help us keep the catalog up to date, you are encouraged to inform us about new courses or materials that you have encountered and validate existing information.

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Course evaluations

You are encouraged to provide feedback on courses/materials listed in this catalog. Your feedback will help us to improve the selection of courses in the catalog and provide guidance to course developers.

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