Which of these options best suits your role?

Which topic are you interested in?

Which skill are you looking to improve?

How would you rate your current knowledge in this area?

What level of knowledge are you aiming for?


Welcome to the Personal Learning Path

  1. To the left you will see some options. This is where we build your personal profile. Please follow the setps below.
  2. First you select what kind of user you are (e.g. "Manager" or "Data Scientist"). Do we want to allow multiple selections?
  3. Next you must identify which core skills you are looking to learn about. Do we want to allow multiple selections?
  4. Next you need to assess your level of knowledge in your selected core topics and select from the available options. If you are already at the "Advanced"level, no courses will be available to guide you further.
  5. Next, using the same skill level scale, enter what level you would like to achieve by the end of this training.
  6. Click Search

Once you have filled out this personal profile and clicked Search, your results will appear in the "Course options" tab. From here you will be able to select courses for your personal profile.

Should the search on the left also include a selection for Big Data type (scanner, EO, privacy etc.)?