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318Modeling the Dynamics of Intensive Longitudinal DataUtrecht UniversityEnglish Details Link
320Introduction to Multilevel AnalysisUtrecht UniversityEnglish Details Link
251Introduction to GIS: manipulating and mapping geospatial dataAtlanEnglish Details Link
69Data Privacy FundamentalsNortheastern UniversityEnglish Details Link
278Geo-Python 2019University of HelsinkiEnglish Details Link
310What is Scanner data?UN Task Team on Scanner dataEnglish Details Link
324R and Big DataWageningen University & ResearchEnglish Details Link
308Principles of Data Visualization for Official Statistics and SDG IndicatorsStatistical Institute for Asia and the PacificEnglish Details Link
271Statistics with R Specialization: Bayesian StatisticsDuke UniversityEnglish Details Link
186Sparse Representations in Image Processing - From Theory to PracticeTechnion Israel Institute of TechnologyEnglish Details Link
192Survey Data Collection and AnalyticsUniversity of MarylandEnglish Details Link
295Statistics with Python SpecializationUniversity of MichiganEnglish Details Link
321Structural Equation Modeling in R using lavaanUtrecht UniversityEnglish Details Link
66Become a Data Engineer - Nanodegree ProgramUdacityEnglish Details Link
287Big Data: What is it and how can it contribute to Sustainable DevelopmentUnited Nations System Staff CollegeEnglish Details Link
59Data Analysis for Life SciencesHarvard UniversityEnglish Details Link
216Investigating Time Series of Satellite ImageryNASAEnglish; Spanish Details Link
217Applications of GPM IMERG Reanalysis for Assessing Extreme Dry and Wet PeriodsNASAEnglish Details Link
256GIS Specialization: Geospatial and Environmental AnalysisUniversity of California, UC DavisEnglish Details Link
210Groundwater Monitoring using Observations from NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) MissionsNASAEnglish Details Link