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14Applied Data Science Specialization: Applied Data Science CapstoneIBMEnglish Details Link
161Observation Theory - Estimating the UnknownDelft University of TechnologyEnglish Details Link
54Cyber SecurityWarnborough CollegeEnglish Details Link
178Applied Data Science Specialization: Python for Data Science and AIIBMEnglish Details Link
106Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence SpecializationUniversity of ColoradoEnglish Details Link
105Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization: Data Visualization with Tableau ProjectUniversity of California, UC DavisEnglish Details Link
175Python Data Products for Predictive AnalyticsUniversity of California, San DiegoEnglish Details Link
217Applications of GPM IMERG Reanalysis for Assessing Extreme Dry and Wet PeriodsNASAEnglish Details Link
32Blockchain for BusinessThe Linux FoundationEnglish Details Link
107Data, Models and Decisions in Business AnalyticsColumbia UniversityEnglish Details Link
214Introduction to Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Data and ApplicationsNASAEnglish; Spanish Details Link
319AI-Aided Systematic ReviewingUtrecht UniversityEnglish Details Link
58Analytics for Decision MakingUniversity of MarylandEnglish Details Link
278Geo-Python 2019University of HelsinkiEnglish Details Link
210Groundwater Monitoring using Observations from NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) MissionsNASAEnglish Details Link
163Data Science: Practical Machine LearningJohns Hopkins UniversityEnglish Details Link
77Data Science - Linear RegressionHarvard UniversityEnglish Details Link
33Blockchain RevolutionINSEADEnglish Details Link
55Data Analysis and Interpretation SpecialisationWesleyan UniversityEnglish Details Link
9Analytics in PythonColumbia UniversityEnglish Details Link