55th Session of the United Nations Statistical Commission // Side Event
Enabling responsible access to sensitive microdata using privacy enhancing technologies

29 Feb 2024
08:15 - 09:30 AM (EST)

2 United Nations Plaza, UNHQ, New York, USA


This webinar aims to explore cutting-edge approaches for handling sensitive microdata while preserving privacy. Experts will discuss state-of-the-art techniques, real-world applications, and collaborative efforts across international projects. Join us for insightful presentations, engaging discussions, and an open Q&A session.


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Massimo De Cubellis

Researcher, Italian national institute of statistics (ISTAT)

Massimo De Cubellis is a researcher at Istat, where he leads a team focused on the study of privacy enanching technologies (PET). Graduated in Economics, his experience mainly concerns the use of Big Data in the production of official statistics. Massimo is currently involved in international efforts to improve statistical practices, in the UN Statistics Division's initiatives on privacy-enhancing technologies. Massimo is involved also in ESSnet projects, where he is at the forefront of activities related to Web Intelligence networks (EssNet WIN) and the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning (ESSNet AIML4OS) in the production of official statisctics.

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Soyean Kim

Head of Product, Centre for Infectious Disease Genomics and One Health (CIDGOH), Simon Fraser University

Soyean Kim currently works as the Head of Product at the Centre for Infectious Disease Genomics and One Health ("CIDGOH") at Simon Fraser University. CIDGOH focuses on infectious disease management through a One Health Lens; a multi-sectoral approach involving human and animal health leveraging advanced computational approaches and innovative knowledge engineering. As a data analytics leader, Soyean has over 18 years of experience working in multiple domains, including consulting, private utility, public health, and government and non-profit organizations. Soyean is a certified Cloud professional and an accredited statistician (P.Stat.). Most recently, Soyean worked as the Director of Digital Products at Providence Health Care where her team focused on leveraging technology solutions to support hospital operations in addition to supporting Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster to develop novel and innovative digital health applications.

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Andrew Trask


Andrew is a PhD student at the University of Oxford and a Senior Research Scientist at DeepMind studying Privacy and AI. He is also a passionate AI teacher, having taught 2 different introductory AI courses (12K+ enrollments each) and written an introductory Deep Learning book which has sold over 10K copies. He also started and leads OpenMined, an open source community of over 5000 researchers, engineers, and enthusiasts dedicated to making the concepts and tools necessary for privacy preserving AI reach mainstream adoption. He is also a member of the United Nations Privacy Task Force, raising awareness and lowering the barrier-to-entry for the use of privacy preserving analytics within the public sector.