UN Committee of Experts on Big Data and Data Science
for Official Statistics

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Because of widespread and constant use of telecommunications and other devices driven by innovations in technology, digital information is continuously generated, such as data from: Global Positioning System (GPS) devices, automated teller machines, scanning devices, sensors, mobile phones, satellites and social media. The high volume, high velocity and wide variety of these data, which are commonly referred to as Big Data require new tools and methods for capturing, managing and processing them efficiently.

The Statistical Commission agreed at its 45th session to create the UN Committee of Experts on Big Data and Data Science for Official Statistics (UN-CEBD) to further investigate the benefits and challenges of Big Data, including the potential for monitoring and reporting on the sustainable development goals. In this context, the UN-CEBD and the greater official statistical community recognize the need to adequately address issues pertaining to methodology, quality, technology, data access, legislation, privacy, management and finance, and provide adequate cost-benefit analyses on the use of Big Data.

Background Documents

Reports to the UN Statistical Commission, Reports from the UN-CEBD Annual Meetings and other relevant documents
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Mandate and TOR

The UN-CEBD aims to provide a strategic vision, direction and coordination for a global programme on big data for official statistics...
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The UN-CEBD consists of 31 member states and 16 international organizations collaborating together in various groups.
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