Regional Hub for Big Data in the United Arab Emirates
in Support of the United Nations Global Platform

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Hub Website

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The main objectives of the Regional Hub in UAE are the facilitation of projects in the use of Big Data and data science for official statistics and SDG indicators, the sharing of knowledge on newly developed methods, algorithms and tools, and the provision of training in the use of Big Data and data science for the community of official statisticians in the Arab region. To this end, the UN Committee of Experts on Big Data and Data Science for Official Statistics will collaborate with the UAE in support of its Regional Hub, which is envisaged to be globally recognized as a collaborative and action-oriented knowledge, technology and innovation hub, which will bring innovative technology and data science methods in the use of Big Data together and will provide a much-needed platform to further the data science projects in UAE and other countries, especially developing countries.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates