55th Session of the United Nations Statistical Commission // Side Event
Towards a Data Science Playbook

8 February 2024
09:00 - 10:00 AM (EST)



The members of the Data Science Leader's Network (DSLN), under the umbrella of the Committee of Experts on Big Data and Data Science for Official Statistics, have agreed to develop a DSLN Playbook with the objective to provide a comprehensive guide for integrating data science into the work of National Statistical Offices, and to offer a systematic approach to piloting projects, pooling resources, documenting successes, and overcoming institutional barriers.

The "playbook" format has been chosen as a way of capturing (in a user-friendly manner) a structured set of practical guidelines designed to help NSOs achieve specific objectives towards the mainstreaming of data science in the day-to-day business of official statistics, providing both strategic and tactical guidance. It aims to be a practical, hands-on resource that can be easily consulted and followed by practitioners at the frontlines of statistical work, with step-by-step procedures, best practices, checklists, and real-world examples that help a team understand not just the "what" but also the "how" of implementation.

The event will be an opportunity to present and discuss the progress towards the development of the Data Science Playbook, based on the outcome of the 2nd Sprint of the Data Science Leaders' Network, which took place in Dubai from 22 to 24 January, as part of the International Seminar on Data Science for the Statistical and Transport Communities .


Objective: To report on the progress of the Data Science Playbook development, outline its structure, and encourage collaborative efforts within the statistical community.