United Nations Expert Group Meeting on the Use of Censuses and Surveys to Measure International Migration

24-09-2007  – 28-09-2007 New York

While the demand for policy-relevant statistics on international migration is increasing, national governments and international bodies are unable to provide the comprehensive assessment needed, mainly because the sources of these data are not sufficiently developed. A recent expert group meeting on measuring international migration convened by the United Nations Statistics Division in New York in December 2006 identified priority areas for improving international migration statistics. The current expert group will address two of them: (a) providing guidance and technical support on the use of censuses and sample surveys, taking into account the preparations already ongoing for the 2010 round of population censuses, to measure aspects of international migration, and (b) developing a handbook focusing on core variables and using case studies to clarify how various sources can be used and/or combined to measure international migration.

Expert group meeting to review the draft Handbook on designing of household sample surveys

03-12-2003  – 05-12-2003 New York

The purpose of the Expert Group Meeting is to review the Draft Handbook on Designing of Household Sample Surveys. The experts will contribute comments and substantive suggestions aimed at improving the draft.

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