9th Global Forum on Gender Statistics

29-08-2023  – 31-08-2023 Johannesburg

The United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), in collaboration with Statistics South Africa, is organizing the 9th United Nations Global Forum on Gender Statistics in Johannesburg, South Africa. The event will take place on 29-31 August 2023.

The Forum will bring together producers and users of gender statistics from national and international statistical offices, other government agencies, international organizations, academia, civil society, and the donor community. On this occasion, the forum will focus ways to improve data and evidence on the growing challenges and opportunities offered by the care economy and its impact on gender equality. Panelists and audience will also strategize on how to make the best out of existing data, including by mainstreaming a gender lens into existing data processes. Additionally, the Forum will provide an opportunity to take stock and learn of good practices in gender statistics and data management from the African region.

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United Nations Regional Workshop on Evaluation and Analysis of Census Data

18-09-2017  – 22-09-2017 Johannesburg

The regional workshop is organized by the United Nations Population Fund's East and Southern Africa Regional Office and the United Nations Statistics Division.

The main objective of the training workshop is to improve the capacity of NSOs within the East and Southern Africa region to undertake analysis and evaluation of the quality of census data on demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of population, through demographic methods and comparison with other relevant data sources. The workshop will also provide a platform for discussing potential use of census data for generating SDG indicators related to demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of population and data disaggregation by age, sex, geographical location, disability and migration status.

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