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Towards the 2025 SNA

About the updating process

The Intersecretariat Working Group on National Accounts (ISWGNA), assisted by the Advisory Expert Group on National Accounts (AEG), oversees the overall 2008 SNA update programme.

The Project Management page contains all documents (workprogramme, governance arrangements, progress reports of the project manager, reports to the UNSC, minutes of ISWGNA meetings, etc.) relevant to the management of the update project.

The 2025 SNA Chapters page contains the Annotated Outlines, draft chapters and final chapters of the 2025 SNA.

A three-pronged approach is envisaged for the update of the 2008 SNA:

  1. Undertaking technical research in prioritized and other national accounts issues and experimentation and testing of selected recommendations.
  2. To address the issues a series of Guidance Notes are being developed. This list is based on the consolidated SNA research agenda and an initial list of issues considered for updating the 2008 SNA which was identified in July 2020.

    A novel key feature within the research component of the update of the 2008 SNA work programme is the explicit inclusion of an experimental estimation / early implementation component for some recommendations in the guidance notes.

    Dedicated task teams were established to undertake the technical research and draft guidance notes.

  3. Engaging in a broad consultation on the issues related to the thematic areas.
  4. The Broad Consultation component of the SNA update constitutes several rounds of interactions with various groups of stakeholders such as compilers, policymakers, academia, and the private sector. Among the instruments used to broadcast the update and collect feedback are online Global Consultations on the guidance notes and Outreach activities through global and regional webinars and forums.

  5. Ensuring overall consistency with other statistical standards in the system of economic statistics.
  6. For overlapping issues in the research agendas identified for the SNA, BPM, GFS, MFSM, SEEA, ISIC and CPC etc., the Task Teams were established consisting of subject matter experts from relevant Committees of Experts and other groups.

    As of March 2022, of specific note is the historically close collaboration of the work on the update of the BPM6 and the 2008 SNA and the efforts to align the two standards, as well as the engagement of the Government Finance Statistics Community in the update programme.


List of Task Teams

Digitalization Task Team
Wellbeing and Sustainability Task Team
Joint Globalization Task Team
Joint Communication Task Team
Joint Financial and Payment Systems Task Team
Joint Informal Economy Task Team
Joint Islamic Finance Task Team
BPM Balance of Payments Task Team
BPM Current Account Task Team
BPM Direct Investment Task Team
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