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Joint Communication Task Team (CMTT)

The Joint Communication Task Team (CMTT) deals with issues arising from the need to develop a more user-friendly terminology, communication about the revision cycle and sharing of research results, compliance with the recommendations of international statistical standards, developing a compilers’ hub and the digitizing of international statistical and classifications standards.

Further details on the mandate and operations; guidance notes and working procedures; composition; and key issues to be addressed by the CMTT are provided in the Terms of Reference. To advance the various work streams of the CMMT five separate sub-taskteams were established, listed blow with a link to their respective terms of references:

  • Development of Collaborative Hubs for Compilers of economic statistics – Terms of Reference
  • Interactive and Digitally-enabled Statistical Standards for Economic Statistics and Classifications – Terms of Reference
  • Terminology and “Branding” of the macroeconomic accounting frameworks – Terms of Reference
  • Development of a Taxonomy for Macroeconomic Accounting Frameworks – Terms of Reference
  • Compliance framework for the macroeconomic accounting manuals – Terms of Reference
  • After an initial draft of the guidance note is approved by the AEG and Balance of Payments Task Team, guidance notes will be posted for Global Consultation to receive feedback from worldwide compilers and users of macroeconomic statistics. The outcome of the consultation is further informing the proposals to be presented for formal endorsement to BOPCOM and AEG/ISWGNA. Endorsed guidance notes will be considered for the update of the 2025 SNA and BPM7.

      Guidance Notes Initial draft Consultation Endorsed
     Communications (CMTT)
    CM.1 An Assessment Framework to Measure Alignment with the Economic Accounting Statistical StandardsENGENG RUSENG
    CM.2 Terminology and Branding of the Economic Accounting Statistical Standards ENGENG ENG*
    CM.3 A Taxonomy for Communicating Economic Statistics Releases, Products and Product UpdatesENGENGENG*
    CM.4 Use of Net measures in the presentation of the National AccountsENGENGENG XLSX

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