The National Accounts Capacity Building Resources website is a centralized tool to identify trusted resources, such as handbooks, e-learning courses and course material, as well as technologies for National Accounts compilation, made available by various sources.

Accessory Compilation Tools
Accessory compilation tools for the National Accounts consist of templates in Excel and software solutions for certain calculation procedures. Contrary to the main toolkits, which are frameworks to facilitate the compilation of the whole national accounts, these accessory tools are to be used in a specific area, such as the supply and use table or the Denton benchmarking procedure of quarterly data.

Compilation Toolkits
National Statistical Offices use software to facilitate National Accounts compilation consistent with international recommendations and store and disseminate the data in a time series format according to the same logic. Compilation toolkits have been developed by third parties and are used in various countries.

Handbooks/Manuals and Country Practices
Features relevant handbooks, manuals, articles, and papers on country practices, on issues related to methodology, compilation and data sources for the national accounts.

Course Material and Courses
Features relevant course material for the National Accounts. It also provides an overview of courses offered in National Accounts even if the respective course material may not always be readily available. Both course material and handbooks/ manuals and country practices provide helpful information to assist in the compilation and analysis of the National Accounts. While the latter are primarily intended to guide compilers in their work, courses and course material are used to train both compilers and users.