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SNA priority areas:
Digitalization Well-being and sustainability Globalization Financial and payment systems
Informal Economy Islamic Finance Communications

Below is the list of consultations carried out on the 2008 SNA update issues. Detailed information and available comments for each consultation can be accessed by selecting the corresponding consultation from the list.

 CM.3 A Taxonomy for Communicating Economic Statistics Releases, Products and Product Updates: User Testing Questionnaire3/13/2023Open4/17/2023No
 Annotated Outlines for Chapters in the Updated System of National Accounts and Balance of Payments Manual - Second Round2/24/2023Open3/31/2023No
 WS.14 The borderline between taxes, sales of service, and other government revenue boundary issues2/14/2023Closed3/17/2023No
 F.18 The Recording of Fungible Crypto Assets in Macroeconomic Statistics1/31/2023Closed3/3/2023No
 CM.4 Gross and Net Measures: Promoting the Production and Application of Net instead of Gross Value Added (including Domestic Product), Income and Savings1/18/2023Closed2/17/2023No
 WS.12 Environmental Classifications1/10/2023Closed2/10/2023No
 DZ.10 Recording of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in Macroeconomic Statistics12/13/2022Closed1/20/2023No
 DZ.8 Measurement of Cloud Computing in National Accounts12/13/2022Closed1/20/2023No
 Annotated Outlines for Chapters in the Updated System of National Accounts and Balance of Payments Manual - First Round12/5/2022Closed1/17/2023No
 Testing - WS.3B Valuing Unpaid Household Service Work in the SNA (Measurement of Passive Unpaid Child and Adult Care)11/15/2022Closed1/9/2023No
 Testing - WS.3A Valuing Unpaid Household Service Work in the SNA (Occupationg and wage rate data sources)11/15/2022Closed1/9/2023No
 Testing - G.9 Payments for Nonproduced Knowledge-based capital (Marketing Assets)10/25/2022Closed1/27/2023No
 Testing - Assessment of FISIM Compilation Methodologies and Practices9/19/2022Closed9/19/2022No
 Testing - CM.1 An Assessment Framework to Measure Alignment with the International Economic Accounting and Statistics Standards8/23/2022Closed9/23/2022No
 Testing - DZ.6 Recording of Data in the National Accounts - Questionnaire for Phase 1 testing8/23/2022Closed10/31/2022No
 WS.8 Biological Resources & WS.10 Mineral and Energy Resources & WS.11 Renewable Energy Resources7/6/2022Closed9/15/2022No
 Testing - F.2 Asymmetric Treatment of Retained Earnings7/6/2022Closed1/27/2023No
 WS.9 Recording of Provisions6/29/2022Closed8/24/2022No
 WS.7 Treatment of Emission Permits5/25/2022Closed6/23/2022No
 DZ.9 Incorporating Digital Intermediation Platforms into the System of National Accounts5/18/2022Closed6/16/2022No
 DZ.7 Improving the Visibility of Artificial Intelligence in the National Accounts5/18/2022Closed6/16/2022No
 F.14 Treatment of Factoring Transactions5/17/2022Closed6/10/2022No
 F.13 Margins on Buying and Selling Transactions5/17/2022Closed6/10/2022No
 DZ.6 Recording of data in the National Accounts4/14/2022Closed5/13/2022No
 DZ.3 Treatment of “free” Digital Products in the “core” National Accounts & DZ.4 Recording and Valuing “free” Digital Products in an SNA Satellite Account 4/14/2022Closed5/13/2022No
 WS.5 Health and Social Conditions4/11/2022Closed5/2/2022No
 IE.1 Statistical Framework for the Informal Economy2/3/2022Closed3/4/2022Yes
 F.18 The Recording of Crypto Assets in Macroeconomic Statistics2/1/2022Closed2/25/2022Yes
 F.15 Debt Concessionality2/1/2022Closed2/25/2022Yes
 G.7 Global Value Chains and Trade in Value Added1/27/2022Closed2/25/2022Yes
 G.9 Payments for Nonproduced Knowledge-Based Capital (Marketing Assets)1/10/2022Closed2/7/2022Yes
 G.5 Economic Ownership of Intellectual Property Products: Recording of Intra-MNE Transactions1/10/2022Closed2/7/2022Yes
 F.7 Impact of Fintech on Macroeconomic Statistics1/5/2022Closed2/4/2022Yes
 F.1 More Disaggregated Institutional Sector and Financial Instrument Breakdowns1/5/2022Closed2/4/2022Yes
 CM.3 A Taxonomy for Communicating Economic Statistics Releases, Products and Product Updates12/20/2021Closed2/14/2022Yes
 CM.2 Terminology and Branding of the Economic Accounting Statistical Standards12/20/2021Closed2/14/2022Yes
 CM.1 An Assessment Framework to Measure Alignment with the Economic Accounting Statistical Standards12/20/2021Closed2/14/2022Yes
 IF.1 Islamic finance in the System of National Accounts and External Sector Statistics12/14/2021Closed1/25/2022Yes
 F.2 Asymmetric Treatment of Retained Earnings11/1/2021Closed12/3/2021Yes
 D.16 Treatment of Retained Earnings9/28/2021Closed10/25/2021Yes
 F.12 Covering Hybrid Insurance and Pension Products9/27/2021Closed10/22/2021Yes
 D.2 Valuation of Unlisted Equity9/27/2021Closed10/22/2021Yes
 C.4 Merchanting and Factoryless Producers: Negative Exports in Merchanting; Merchanting of Services9/24/2021Closed10/21/2021Yes
 F.9 Valuation of Loans (Fair Value)9/20/2021Closed10/20/2021Yes
 WS.4 Labour, Human Capital and Education8/20/2021Closed10/1/2021Yes
 WS.6 Accounting for the Economic Ownership and Depletion of Natural Resources7/23/2021Closed9/10/2021Yes
 WS.3 Unpaid Household Service Work7/22/2021Closed9/10/2021Yes
 WS.2 Distribution of household income, consumption and wealth7/22/2021Closed9/10/2021Yes
 DZ.5 Digital SUTs7/16/2021Closed9/3/2021Yes
 G.4 Treatment of Special Purpose Entities and Residency6/21/2021Closed8/4/2021Yes
 G.2 Treatment of MNE and Intra MNE Flows6/21/2021Closed8/4/2021Yes
 G.1 Valuation of Imports and Exports3/10/2021Closed4/12/2021Yes

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